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WeSurv cellular Public Surveillance System

World in general and Pakistan, in particular, is under severe threats of terrorism. Security has become a major concern and governments are spending huge sums of money on deploying security and surveillance solutions. Law enforcement agencies cannot keep a watch on every nook and corner and criminals always exploit loopholes in the surveillance systems. Agencies need strong cooperation, information and help from citizens in detection and handling of possible threats or emergency situations.

With the advancements and spread of cellular technologies, many people have mobile phones with cameras these days. These distributed cameras and the smart humans carrying them can be a source of very intelligent and near real time information which can be exploited to handle situations like explosions or terrorist attacks and assist in criminal detection and possible suspects or suspected objects. WeSurv aims to involve ordinary citizens in surveillance process by providing them a free-service and an intelligent software for their mobiles. Citizens may voluntarily open the application software and watch their surroundings for short duration of times. The intelligent software will analyze the video contents and extract useful parameters like number plates and colour of vehicles and grab important frames of info and sends it to a central database which is accessible to police and other departments that need such information. This is a distributed processing and information sharing approach.

WeSurv embodies and consolidates the idea of cooperative networking using existing solutions. The networking requirements at Mobile Terminal (MT) to Network Attachment Point (BS) are envisioned to be provided by 3G Cellular Network and its associated protocols. However, minimal additional memory and processing resources are required at Network end to accommodate the data supplied by WeSurv users.

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